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The Start of Moak and Moak Family Law

The Start of Moak and Moak

The start of Moak & Moak, P.C. began right here in Huntsville, Texas in 1972 with my late father Oliver James Moak. 


The Gibbs Family Home.

Our law firm can be found in the old family home of the Gibbs family.


Proud Aggie

Proud to be a Texas Aggie from the class of 1998👍🏻



Hunstsville Community

Texas Prison Rodeo

With a lifespan of more than 50 years, the Texas Prison Rodeo became a Texas tradition held every Sunday of October in Huntsville, TX. Rodeo events included wild cow milking, calf belling, goat roping, wild mare milking, wild horse racing, and bulldogging as well as the standard rodeo events such as bull riding, saddle bronc and bareback bronc. 

Guest stars appeared including Eddie Arnold, Guy Willis, Curley Fox, and Texas Ruby. This started a yearly tradition that attracted such stars as Johnny Cash, Ernest Tubb, Johnny Rodriguez, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, George Strait, Tom T. Hall, and the list goes on…Crowds grew to exceed 100,000 in some years. 

The last rodeo was held on October 26, 1986. The fans, including several hundred inmates, were entertained by the mother-and-daughter duo, The Judds. 

Leave a 🤠 if you ever had the opportunity to attend the Texas Prison Rodeo.

It all comes back around. We 🖤 the Huntsville Item.

Read my column in the Legal Corner in the Huntsville Item or online on my blog at moakandmoak.com.


Huntsville continues to grow! Comment below, what has changed since you’ve lived in Huntsville?

Real Estate Law

Buying or Selling Real Estate?

The 🔑 to buying and selling real estate is the agreement must be in writing.

Selling Your Home

Tips to Improve your Property if you are planning on selling your home. 🏡

Purchasing and Selling Property Facts

Make sure you are entering into a legal agreement and not being taken advantage of as a buyer.

NEVER make a deal on a handshake

When you are buying or selling, make sure you have it on paper.

Real Estate Tips

One of the keys to buying and selling real estate is the deal must be in writing.


Business Organization Law

Is your business legally protected?

You can’t go wrong with getting in-person legal help.

Buying or Selling a Business?

Let Moak & Moak help you purchase or sell your business.

NEVER make a deal on a handshake

When you are buying or selling, make sure you have it on paper.

Estate Planning

Why would you need a trust?

There are situations where a trust is fitting in Texas.


“A will is an absolute necessity.”

Power of Attorney

Have you moved from another state to Texas or are you from Texas and moving to another state?

 I highly suggest meeting with a state attorney to assure your documents fit with your state law.

Disposition of Remains

How would you like to make your grand exit? 🎇


Personal Stories

Always #listentoyourdad

“What my dad had been telling me started to make a lot more sense.”


“The only way you learn something for yourself is to do it yourself.”


You can always continue to learn and grow relationships.

Love What You Do

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Living in a Small Town

The relationships we have from living in a small town are important to us!


My first case as a lawyer was in 1997 at Moak & Moak.