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Estate Planning for the Nontraditional Family

Both unmarried opposite-sex partners and same-sex partners will want to provide protection for their relationship and for the other partner in the event one partner becomes incapacitated. Legally married or not, due to the controversial nature of these relationships, these partners will need to create legal documents which allow the non-disabled partner to care for and manage the disabled partner’s affairs. Unfortunately, many families are not ready to accept these lifestyles and the potential for conflict exists.

Worries of the Sandwich Generation

I urge you, whether you find yourself taking care of parents and young children or even if you have no children, make the time to sit down with an attorney experienced in estate planning. Such an attorney should be trained and familiar with estate planning and probate. The advice they provide will assist you in making the best and least complicated plan to take care of both parents and children if that is the need.