Landlocked Property Myth

A common legal myth that is often heard in cafes and barber shops around Texas is that property cannot be landlocked because a neighboring landowner is required to allow entry. This is simply false. Understanding this can be important for both the landlocked owners and neighboring landowners so that each party understands his or her rights.

Steps for Landowner Liability Protection

There are a number of steps for a landowner to consider in order to protect himself or herself from liability. Importantly, there is no magic solution that will ensure a landowner will never be liable for injury. Further, there is nothing a landowner can do to prevent a person from filing suit against the landowner.

Landowner Liability

Landowner Liability

A common concern for any Texas landowner is when they may be held liable if someone is injured on their property. Landowners often ask, “What can I do to protect myself in the event this occurs?” It is important for landowners to understand the duty the law imposes on them for each person entering their land. Additionally, there are a number of steps landowners can take in order to protect themselves and their operations from liability. This week I will deal with a look at the most common legal claims.

What Do You Own?

Crazy question What do you own?  The starting point for any Texas landowner in considering the legal issues he or she may face is to consider what the landowner actually owns.  This week’s column will address some of the aspects of ownership. When land is acquired, through purchase or otherwise, a good starting point for …

Don’t Look Now, but its Estate Tax May be Changing

As we watch the Houston Astros approach the end of the regular season, folks in Washington D.C. are talking about two significant changes that could affect us all. Senator Bernie Sanders has sponsored the 99.5 Percent Act (99.5% Act) and the Biden Administration is working on the Sensible Taxation and Equity Promotion (STEP) Act.  While …